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Increasing Revenue and Relevance in the current climate

Posted by Walter Olson on Jan 13, 2021 10:39:27 AM

The Current Environment:

COVID-19 has created many issues, socially and economically for all of us. Many businesses are trying to pivot in these extraordinary times to make sure that they can get their business through these uncertain times and also show even more value to their customers, assisting them in face paced transitions to keep them relevant.

The Old Ways?

The traditional business model of focusing on limited streams of revenue, or providing a niche offering, has seen many businesses fail. The most agile businesses have looked at the current environment and sought out opportunities that they traditionally would not have looked at.

What are Customers Saying?

The main concern we hear from customers is dealing with multiple providers for different services, which still all fall under the same umbrella, that is Information Technology and Telecommunications. They want one invoice, one organisation, and one “throat to choke”. This paradigm has shifted at high velocity to the previous view of multiple providers as redundancy. Customers want to focus on being relevant, not dealing with multiple providers.

How can you increase Revenue and Relevance?

So how do you, an MSP, or a VAR show value to your customers, and unlock new revenue streams? We are all conditioned to look at hardware, and software solutions, be it around digital transformation, security, managed services, or traditional deployment. These have been our core offerings for many years, but with a changing environment, we need to change. One significant revenue stream that many MSP’s and VAR’s disregard is connectivity. All customers need physical connectivity to the internet or to their networks. Furthermore, with the substantial increase of people working from home, there needs to be reliability in them being able to consume their services and work collaboratively. NBN Co saw a 70% increase in throughput during business hours since February. There is an extraordinary opportunity for you to further validate your trusted advisor status by asking your customer how they are finding the efficiency being gained from collaboration, and how you can assist them in making it seamless and having the same user experience as it was pre-COVID-19.

Questions to Ask:

A large proportion of partners we speak to have cited their lack of knowledge in starting the conversation with their customers when it comes to connectivity. Here are a few questions that you should ask to get the conversation started:

• What is your biggest challenge with your current internet provider setup?
• Do you have mandated connectivity guidelines for your employees working from home?
• When was the last time you conducted a health check on your internet connections?
• Do your employees currently use VOIP? What is their experience?
• Do you have redundancies in place if your provider goes down? Does this affect all your employees and their productivity?


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