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Where to start with Connectivity?

Posted by Walter Olson on Jan 11, 2021 4:51:09 PM

Our world has many points of connectivity. Finding the right solution for your customer requires an understanding of what they are trying to achieve, not what they have always been doing.

Customers’ requirements are unique in many ways. Their locations, what their staff require connectivity for, what the organisations infrastructure needs to deliver and so on. As such, developing a cookie cutter solution when you are positioning connectivity shall leave a negative impression with your customers.

The Scope of Connectivity:

Connectivity solutions range from DSL (yes, there is still a lot of copper around), NBN, 4G, Fibre Ethernet all the way up to Dark Fibre. What is right for one business case, may well be not the same for a similar customer. Furthermore, there are different grades and features of all the solutions when you drill down into them.

The most important factors to understand when speaking to your customers are the following:

1. What connectivity technology is available at their location?
2. How many users shall be connected to this?
3. What are you using this connectivity for? Is it purely internet, scheduled back-ups, VOIP etc?
4. What is important for the customer experience?
5. What redundancies would be in place if the primary link were to go through unscheduled maintenance?

My Customer has told me the above. What Next?

A large amount of our channel partners come to us with limited exposure to the Telecommunications arena.
We are here to guide you through the process an provide the right solution for your customers.

Our staged process is:

1. Understand the exact requirements of your customers.
2. Verify the technologies available from different carriers at the requested locations.
3. Provide you with advice on what solution shall be best for your customer.
4. Provide you with pricing and all potential upfront costs that you may encounter.
5. Work with the carriers to make sure that the correct service is installed in a timely manner.

Why Iperium?

Iperium are a fully owned Australian organisation. We pride ourselves on being the first true Australian Connectivity Distributor focused on the IT & T Channel with vendors such as Telstra, Vocus, AAPT, Megaport, Symbio, iBoss, NextHop sharing our vision.

Our connectivity suite encompasses Broadband Products (NBN, DSL) through to Fibre and Dark Fibre, including mobile, VOIP and VPBX, and IP Transit. We have Points of Presence in all states and provide connectivity infrastructure through our redundant network.

What makes us Different?

Don’t you hate sitting on hold waiting to speak to someone about a Telco issue? Iperium gets that. We are all Australian based and don’t employ call centre staff reading off a script. We enable all our staff to make decisions and talk to our engineers directly (yes, we like our engineers), and be accountable for any issues that you may have, with very small call waiting times (if any).

You may not have heard of us before, but we have been around for 12 years, and have been helping many channel partners in this time to provide their customers with an end to end connectivity solution.

But we are a partner of a Tier 1 Telco already?

And how is that going for you? Do they provide you with a proper engagement? What happens when they don’t have a connectivity solution you need or they cannot provide it at a specific location? As a Connectivity Distributor, we are agnostic, and provide you with options from a number of carriers. As such, you can always provide your customer with a solution.

Ok, I am convinced!

Great. Give us a call on 1300 592 330, or send us an email to sales@iperium.co , and let us increase your revenue stream and complete the trusted advisor narrative to your customers.


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